Friday, June 3, 2011

Bathroom Gut Job Continued

Nabil has been hard at work gutting the bathroom. What is left of it is now in the bedroom, or in the yard, waiting for the bulk trash pick up day. We may be turning the sink into a planter for the garden. But maybe not.

Below is where the sink used to be, through the hole in the wall you can see the entrance to the mud room.

This is a hole in the floor. Under the house, and running through the walls, are old cast iron pipes that are no longer in use, and live wires that don't serve any obvious purpose, except of course danger.

There was literally nothing supporting this bathroom from underneath, as you can tell by the significant slanting beam. There were joists that weren't nailed or screwed into anything, they were just there for show.

Oh, and the latest news...I got a tool belt. Isn't that handy? There aren't any tools in it, but I swear I was working.

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